Fiona Stewart of Scottish Wildlife Trust

Wildlife in Kelvingrove and the River Kelvin

On Saturday 6th October, Friends of Kelvingrove organised a 'Environment & History' walk up the River Kelvin Walkway through Kelvingrove Park. The walk started with a talk by Fiona Stewart of Scottish Wildlife Trust, and proceeded up the riverbank with Fiona pointing out many types of wildflowers, and indicating how important the Kelvin is as a 'Wildlife Corridor' through the city. Much flora and fauna were observed and Fiona was an excellent and observant guide.

Michael Donnelly at the former Flint Mill site

History of the River Kelvin and the Flint Mill

Social Historian Michael Donnelly took us further up the River Kelvin, and dug out pieces of 'ironstone' pottery which were actually still sticking out of the riverbank. He then gave a fascinating talk about the former North Woodside Flint Mill where flint was calcined in a kiln, ground in a mill and then dried for use as fine powder in the making of glaze for sanitary earthenware amongst other uses. The Parks Department excavated the site in the 1970's and consolidated the remains of the mill. Many parts of the mill including millstones and the kiln are still visible.

The Coach House Trust & Community Gardens

The walk ended with a tour around the Belmont Lane Community Gardens by Sheila Richards of the Coach House Trust. The gardens feature recycling bins, organic waste composting and also vegetable gardens where the public can buy organic produce directly. There is also an impressive range of wooden and stone sculptures done on the premises by local artists. The Coach House Trust itself is a forward-thinking organisation with training facilities for unemployed and disadvantaged folk. They have recently converted this former stables building and added attractive glass work and tiling.

Many thanks to the speakers and those who came along, and please get in touch if you want more information or would like to join the Friends of Kelvingrove Park.

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